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Yayladagi gate Closed for a Month

Turkey has shut its side of the last border crossing with Syria still controlled by President Bashar Alassad's goverment, stepping up security following two deadly bombings this month. Fifty one people were killed when twin car bombs ripped through the Turkish border town of Reyhanli in the southern province of Hatay on May 11 was dragging in neighbouring states. Turkey has accused Syria of involvenment in the attacks. Damascus has denied any role. Customs Minister Hayat yazici said the Yayladagi gate, some 90 Kilometres from Reyhanli, would remain closed for a month, during which only Turkish citizens arriving from Syria or non-Syrians transiting through Turkey would be allowed to cross.

Nobody would be allowed to cross from Turkey into Syria

The Gate was initially shut the day after the bombings to prevent the attackers from fleeing to Syria. A Turkish official in the reqion said there would now be time to station bomb-detecting equipment at the crossing.

The Yaylidagi gate is the only crossing along the 900 KM long shared border whose Syrian side is still controlled by Mr Assad's goverment All other crossing have fallen into the hands of rebels fighting to overthrow him.

Meanwhile the Turkish daily Hurriyet claims that the goverment also announced it would build a 2.5 kilometre long a wall along another of its border crossing to Syria, known as the Cilvegozu gate, which is located about 10 KM from Reyhanli.

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