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Tourism Blitz for New year

The TRNC is embarking on its "biggest ever" tourism marketing campaign blitzing Britain and Turkey with "visit North Cyprus" advertising in the New year.

The January-to-May push in the UK is to see adverts at Stansted. Manchester and Luton airports, on London's Oxford Street, in newspapers and on 130 black cabs ad double-decker buses in the capital.

The plan was revealed by Tourism Minister Faiz Sucuoglu, who repeated his vision of more than quadrupling the TRNC's current 700.000 visitors to reach an annual total of three million.

But he criticised by Parliament this week for tourism in 2016, saying the allocation for marketing fell 16 million TL short of what was needed.

Mr Sucuoglu said: "This is going to be the biggest advertising campaign ever for North Cyprus.

"My philosophy is to have prominent marketing using different instruments, opening up new markets and getting recognition for the country...

"People will be able to see North Cyprus in prominent parts of main cities in the UK.

"we are also advertising on trains, buses and billboards across Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Adana"

He said he had also just struck an agreement with Ankara to have North Cyprus accepted as part of Turkey in terms of conference and seminar tourism.

"From now on,  North Cyprus will not be regarded as being a separate country from Turkey Conference tourism is very big, and this agreement will mean an end to all the red tape, taxes etc.

Meanwhile, he revealed that he had met 15 Lithuanian travel agents to discuss bringing  package holidaymakers to Gazi Magusa, using Turkish Airlines flights starting in January.

He was also in talks with Turkish officals about reviving the hotel project at Bafra, which Cyprus Today revealed earlier this month is being targeted as "the belek of the North Cyprus"


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