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Trotting all over the world

Basketball legends the Harlem Globe Trotters helped break the barriers between youngsters of the divided island in Norway. Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot boys played for the Hasna Cup, the first time ever that the children completed together in a international cpmpetition. To Top it off as a dream come true for the boys,  five players from the Globetrotters were flown to the area for a show, before making a suprise donation of 25,000 Norwgion Kroner about 3,300 Euro.

It was our kids dream to play with the Globetrotters, said Peace players Cyprus, International Fellow Ashey Johnson.

Litte did we know that the entire show was to going to be dedicated to the youth of Peace Players Cyprus. If seeing and playing alongside the Harlem Globetrotters wasn't surreal anought for our Peaceplayers, team the real surprise, came at the end of the evening. As the Globetrotters show came to an end, they called our boys to the court, this time to present, a check for 25.000 kroner she said, The Globetrotters formed in chicago in 1926 and were the first team to play basketball in Europe. In 1950 Globetrotters Nathaniel Sweetwater Clifton became the first African-American player to sign an NBA contract.

Throught their history, they have showcased their iconic ball handling wizardry in 120 countries and teritories on six continents, often breaking down cultural barriers while providing fans with their first basketball experience. The suprise donation was raised through tickets sales and a bake sale that was hosted during the game, What an unbelivable and unexpected gift from our new friends in Nesodden. They will forewver be a part of Peaceplayers-Cyprus and we look forward to the day that we can welcome them to our home here on the island of Cyprus. said Miss Johnson.

The money will go towards peacePlayers International's (PPI) peace-building work in countries including Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Isreal and the West Bank and South Africa.

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