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Politics halt effort to end Embargo

Efforts to enable Turkish Cypriot Footballers to play international tournaments have been hobbled by political issues. Sport bosses say the process was delayed by the economic crisis in the South and Lefkosa mayoral election race in the North,which involved the president of the football association. Officals at the Cyprus Turksish Football association. 

Officals at the Cyprus Turksish Football association. KTFF told Cyprus Today these factors had led to a setback in talks with southbased Cyprus Football association (KOP).

The sides were die to attend a meeting FIFA officals in Zurich in March when they were supposed to iron out any differences. Officals at the KTFF and Kop have been in consultation with FIFA and UEFA representatives since last year,  with a historical meeting held at the KTFF headquarters in Lefkosa, the first time KOP bosses had visited there.

KTFF board member orcun Kamali said ; It is a shame because there has been a setback in the proccess. The economic crisis in South Cyprus and the Lefkosa mayoral Election in which our president Mr Sertoglu also took part gave way to the process being prolonged.

Kop officals are also very busy and having meetings abroad. All those factors have contributed to the processs being prolonged.

But Mr. Kamali said two football authorities would be meeting in the near future before going Zurich to meet Fifa Officals.

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