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Row Breaks out as election approved

There were heated scenes in Parliament on Thursday, as Mps met and approved the holding of a snap general election on July  28. With splits emerging on both the right and left in the wake of a motion of no confidence in the goverment, tabled on Monday, accusations and criticsm were traded during a nine-hour sesion in the Assembly.

An 8pm  vote saw 32 Mp;s in favour of the July 28 polling date set by parliament's Legal and Political Affairs Committee on Monday, and only four against. Parliement will now convence next week to set the final seal on the polling date.

Meanwhile, attempts to hold deabte on the no-confidence motion yesterday were scuppered because parliment was inquirate. The issue is now due to be discussed on Monday. The election date was agreed by the commitee after motion of no confidence signed by the opposition and eight rebel Mps of the ruling National Unity Party (UBP) had called for an early election in September, and Prime Minister Iresen Kucuk countered with a suggestion of Kuly 21.

Thursday debate saw the main opposition Republican Turkish Party (CTP) come under fire after its MPs in the committee agreed the July date with its UBP members, although the party had signed the motuin called for a September 29 election.

Speaker accused the CTP of disloyalty to its own signature, and Democrat Party (DP) Mp Ahmet Arabacioglu criticised them of failing to consult the other supporters of the motion. You caould not even have dreamt of an early election had it not been for those 27 deputied, whom you should have consulted about seting the election date. Dp LEaeder Serdar Denktas called for the poll to be put back by a fortnight so as not clash with the Ramadan Bayram holiday, and said a CTP led and technocratic caretaker goverment  should be insalled to take the country to the election in a comfortable atmosphere.

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