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Dervis Eroglu said that EU should prevent any action that ignores sensitivities on the island


North Cyprus President Dervis Eroglu sent a letter to EU Commissioner Jose Manuel Barosso to prevent any action that ‘ignores sensitivities on the island’. Downer also wanted to tell the development he and his country made to normalise the relations with Greek Cyprus.

Downer said that he congratulated Anastasiades after elected as the President of Greek Cyprus and invited him to a meeting for laying out the plan for finding Cyprus solution.

Eroglu said that every individual has the right to use his mother tongue. Turkish language is officially accepted by EU in 2004 with the consent of Greek. . He argued that in spite of all the calls made by the Turkish Cypriots towards accepting Turkish as one of EU’s official languages, the Greek Cypriots refuse to do this.

 Eroglu told Barosso that he is looking forward to meet Greek President the next month and find out some way to start the negotiation.



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