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Lotteries offer ‘big cash’ at New Year

Lotteries offer ‘big cash’ at New Year

Lottery fever is gripping the TRNC, with 50 million TL up for grabs in the Turkish New Year draw and a record 600,000 TL in North Cyprus’s own.

Ticket-buying is being fuelled by dreams of what could be bought with 50 million TL – ranging from 238 apartments to a staggering 333,000 pairs of shoes.

A Turkish lottery jackpot winner spending 2,000TL a day would take 68 years to get through the prize – and that’s without taking interest of up to 9 per cent a month into account.

The special New Year’s Eve draw tickets are on sale at 50TL for a whole ticket, 25 for a half a ticket and 12,50 for a quarter ticket.

The draw, with a total prize fund of more than 286 million, will see between five and 13 people enter 2015 as millionaires, with prizes of between five and one million TL on offer – plus smaller amounts ranging from 500,000TL for five people to 1,000TL for 700,000 ticket-holders.

The TRNC lottery, which is open to all nationalities in North Cyprus, has a prize fund of 1.9 million TL and 100,000 tickets are being sold at 20TL by agents around the country. The draw, at 8pm on New Year’s Eve, will be screened live on BRT television.

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