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HEalth Services Grind To A Halt

Doctors, Nurses and Medical Staff Downed tools at Girne State Hospital  yesterday. claiming healthcare is being hobbled by staff shortages and poor working conditions.

Polyclinic services and non-vital operations have been halted indefinitely, but if no solution is found union bosses say emergenyc syrgery may also be stopped, Leading to fears that people may die. There are also plans for industrial action to be taken in Hospitals throught the TRNC. Union Boses have complained about a lcak of workers and ministry failure to protect staff in the light of recent attacks on nursers. Cyprus Turkish Medical Association (TIP IS) Chairman Erol Seherlioglu Said:

"Only Samll operations are not being done. If they are important heart operations, where  lives are at risk, they will be done. But we may stop emergeny operations altogether if the goverment does not act.

We have reached the end of our tether. This problem has been going on for years. The goverment has signed the economic agreement with TURKEY, which forbids more jobs being assigned in the state sector. However about 500 jobs were handed out ahead of the UBP congress. There could be striked in Gazi Magosa and Lefke it could become a general strike. We will stop the action once the goverment assign more staff, We need at least five or six doctors at the new oncology unit, which they opened and had to close again because there are no staff to run it.

Surgeon General Dr Ozdil Ozyilkan of the Health ministy is working on the issue.

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