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Girne Skycraper Plans Reinvented

A controversial 2011 Skyscraper scheme for Central Girne, abandoned after limit of 10 storeys was adopted, has been reivented as a 10 floor, 246-room hotel

Hotel and betting shop owner Yahya Kurt sparked a furore when he unveiled plans five years ago for a 30-storyed hotel in the shape of Cleopatra.

This week a sign was erected on the Ziya Rizki Caddesi "high street" site announcing his Selin Tourism Ltd's new 2.560m2 project which included an underground complex of car parks, a ballroom, swimming pool and Turkish bath, restaurant, tennis courts an shops.

Current laws stipulate that a notice informing the public of the details of the project must be erected at the site for 15 days.

More details may be obtained from the capital's Town planning Department, where the comments or objections must be submitetted by January 20.

The new scheme is expected to be raised at a meeting of the Environoment Platform on Monday, and member Uut Akcil said they would also discuss the effectiveness of the new public meeting and complaints procedure for such projects.

Mr.  Kurt's original plan had b3een for a five star, $65 million city Symbol hotel and leisure complex complete with a massive image of the Egyptan Queen as his legacy to Girne Comparable to London's Big Ben or Paris's Eiffel Tower. The 2011 project included a conference centre, bars, restaurants an ice rink and bowling alley, spa, fitness centre, cinemas and an aqua park.

Former Girne Mayor Suemr Aygin vehemently opposed the project whch was refused planning permission, and threatened to take legal action.

Former TRNC  president Mehmet ali Talat called for new zoning laws at the time which have yet to be called for new zoning laws joined at a protest to which the late Rauf Denktas also sent a message of support.

A Government decree in May 2011 limited develeopment in Girne to 10 storeys or 34 meters, but was also criticised for taking control of planning out of local hands.

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