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Turkish Deputy Prime minister said that North Cyprus has equal right on hydrocarbon exploration


Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan stated that Turkey will use all its right to stop hydrocarbon exploration activity in Greek Cyprus. Speaking to the Turkish Anatolian News Agency, he said that Greek Cyprus is itself responsible for its present financial and economic conditions.


Babacan further said that  natural resources of Cyprus is a common property of both sides of Cyprus and North Cyprus has ‘equal right over any natural resources discovered and extracted.’ He said that it is totally unaccepted to us and North Cyprus that Greek Cyprus is using the natural resources for strengthening its economic and financial condition.


Turkish Deputy Prime minister said that Turkey has given warnings on hydrocarbon exploration to Greek Cyprus and claimed: ‘Should any such attempt be made, we and North Cyprus shall use all our rights stemming from international law. We have strong position in terms of international law.”

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