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The Century Project will reduce electricity charges and remove scarcity of water in North Cyprus


The ambitious project ‘Project of the Century’ will provide water and electricity from Turkey to North Cyprus which will also reduce the cost of electrify and water. After this project there will be much competition in industrial sector of North Cyprus.


Turkey the main supporter of North Cyprus started constructing a pipeline from the  Alakopru Dam to transport water and from the next year conduct will start generating  electricity.


 North Cyprus Minister for Economy and Energy, Sunat Atun said, ‘the electricity cost then will be considerably reduced. Presently there are four tariffs in North Cyprus for electricity and after this project it will reduce to only one tariff.


The pipeline will provide 75 million cubic meters of water per year to North Cyprus from southern Turkey, while the cost of the project is expected to reach around 1 billion TL (550 million US dollars).

 The project hopefully will be completed by March 2014.

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