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North Cyprus new strategy to attract tourism


North Cyprus is doing every effort to increase its revenue. Tourism is the major source of income for island and now it has started campaign to attract UK and British tourists as well.


According to daily newspaper Milliyet, North Cyprus authorities have launched tourism campaign with the caption, “Just relax; there are no euro worries in north Cyprus”.


The main emphasis for the promotional campaign is that North Cyprus is not affected by Current financial crisis in government controlled areas.


Major attractive slogans for tourists’ are-- Do you know this? North Cyprus is not in the eurozone”, “It does not use the euro”, “Just relax; there are no euro worries in north Cyprus”, and, “We are the other half part of Cyprus, we are separate, we use the Turkish Lira”. 


The campaign will benefit North Cyprus in two ways- firstly, it will make people aware about North Cyprus; its people and may help in changing the perception about North Cyprus. Secondly, people will come to know about its division and two separate currencies working in Cyprus.

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